Gajek Engineering sp.z o.o. deals with the development and production of machines, devices and control systems according to its own solutions.

We have extensive experience and our own proven design solutions in the following areas:

  • Kaplan water turbines (Bulb, PIT, S-type, Z-type, with radial inflow)
  • Francis water turbines (vertical and horizontal),
  • Pelton water turbines (vertical and horizontal),
  • selection and completion of supplies for newly built hydropower plants,
  • grate cleaners,
  • electrohydraulic water turbine regulators,
  • generator drive gears for water turbines,
  • modernization and reconstruction of turbine sets and hydropower plants,
  • computer systems for monitoring facilities,
  • control systems for hydropower,
  • power evacuation systems for hydropower plants.

The company prepares documentation, orders and supervises the production of elements in specialized domestic and foreign plants, carries out assembly, start-up and technical tests, provides guarantees and provides service after the warranty period.